May 26, 2006

The Unilateralist's Memorial Day Tribute

Usually I find the AP's daily death tally creepy, but, this weekend it does have some relevance. It's the only source with information on the sacrifices made by our unilateral coalition allies.

The British military has reported 111 deaths; Italy, 31; Ukraine, 18; Poland, 17; Bulgaria, 13; Spain, 11; Slovakia, Denmark three; El Salvador, Estonia, Netherlands, Thailand, two each; and Australia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Romania, one death each.

Who knew Latvia sacrificed a native son in the name of Iraqi freedom?

I don't think the fact that the U.S. shoulders most of the load in Iraq matters much to the family in Kazakhstan that lost a son in defense of liberty.

It doesn't matter to me. God bless them all, and thank you.

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