May 26, 2006

Breaking: Shots Fired on Capitol Hill

Report are conflicting, some saying the shots were from the Rayburn building, others from a garage at the Rayburn building. Click image on the right to see map of Capitol Hill.

Developing....scroll down for updates.

UPDATE: The longer this goes on, the less I know what to make of it. Over lunch I watched the news coverage. Nothing new. False alarm?

Update: Kingston, reporting from the Rayburn building, that the SWAT team has just moved in.


Police in Washington, D.C say they are investigating reports of the sound of gunfire at a Congressional office building on Capitol Hill.

The Rayburn building holds offices of members of the House of Representatives. The building has been sealed off and staff requested to stay in their offices for the time being. Click the image to the right for a map of Capitol Hill. Developing.....

UPDATE: Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Georgia) is liveblogging this. Here is a text of the e-mail he recieved:

This is a message from the U.S. Capitol Police

1. If you are in the Rayburn HOB then Shelter in Place. Quickly move
into the nearest interior office space or interior hallway and away from
windows. The Capitol Police are investigating reports of gunfire in the Rayburn HOB.
2. If nearby, grab Go-Kits and personal belongings.
3. Close doors behind you, but do not lock.
4. Remain calm.
5. Await further instructions. Do not leave the building.

He notes that the Capitol Police are clearing the building room by room, but he seems to be still stuck in the office. (Hat tip: Matt Margolis)AP:
Police sealed off the Capitol on Friday after receiving reports of gunfire in a House office building across the street and four ambulances have arrived at the scene.

Capitol police are investigating ``the sound of gunfire in the garage level of the Rayburn House Office BHuilding,'' said an announcement on the internal Capitol voice alarm system.

UPDATE:Allahpundit is following this one more closely and says ambulences are arriving at the scene and reports of smoke from garage.

UPDATE: I expect Ian will have video soon.

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