May 20, 2006

New Government in Iraq

(Baghdad) After three years of turmoil following the ouster of Saddam Hussein, a new Iraqi government has been sworn in before a special session of parliament.


Iraqi Child with FlagThe session began more than two hours late because of last-minute haggling, finally opening with readings from the Quran.

The 37-member Cabinet is made up of members from all of Iraq's religious, sectarian and ethnic groups. It took months of negotiations to form after the Dec. 15 elections and is Iraq's first constitutional government since the U.S. invasion toppled Saddam.

"This is a historic day for Iraq and all its people," deputy parliament speaker Khalid al-Attiyah said in a nationally televised news conference before the session. "This government represents all Iraqis."

Two major cabinet posts remain to be filled, the interior minister and the defense minister.

Maybe it's just my ignorance, but it seems that the formation of a new government in Iraq is a milestone event worth trumpeting. Text books tell us that the colonies took considerably longer than three years to cast off the shackles of tyranny and establish the United States so, not only is the creation of a constitutional democracy in Iraq a major event in world history, it was accomplished in record time when compared to America. However, despite my beliefs, a search through the mainstream media reveals the story getting ho-hum mention and usually it's sandwiched between graphically reported segments showing violence in the streets.

Nonetheless, I congratulate the citizens of the nation of Iraq.

From Interested-Participant.

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