May 18, 2006

UAE Diplomatic Hostage in Video

al-Jazeera has aired a video of UAE diplomat Naji al-Noaimi. They threaten his life if their demands are not met. They demand that the UAE close it’s Iraqi embassy and also shut down that Dubai broadcast station al-Fayha be shut down.

Reuters :DUBAI, May 18 (Reuters) - An Iraqi group on Thursday issued a video of a United Arab Emirates diplomat kidnapped in Baghdad, and demanded that the Gulf state close its embassy in Iraq, Al Jazeera television reported.

The channel aired the video from the group calling itself Islam's Banner which showed a man standing next to a wall. No audio could be heard on the brief footage.

The group issued a 24-hour ultimatum for its demands to be met.

Diplomat Naji al-Noaimi was snatched on Tuesday following a short drive from the embassy to visit a colleague. His driver was shot in the kidnapping and later died of his wounds.

"The group demanded in a message accompanying the video ... that the UAE embassy in Baghdad be closed and al-Fayha channel which broadcasts from Dubai be shut down," Al Jazeera said.

The group name seems to me a cover for an al-Qeada type terror cell. This has all the hallmarks of previous kidnappings only the name is new.

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