May 17, 2006

UAE Diplomat Kidnapped in Iraq

Another war crime in Iraq, an UAE diplomatic official has been kidnapped in Iraq. The kidnapping and murder of diplomatic officials in Iraq has been a hallmark of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and al-Qeada.

Reuters : A United Arab Emirates diplomat in Iraq is believed to have been kidnapped, the UAE's state news agency WAM said on Tuesday.

It said that contact was lost with one of the diplomats based in the UAE embassy in Baghdad. "We believe he has been kidnapped," WAM quoted a foreign ministry official as saying.

He said the UAE was actively involved in humanitarian efforts in Iraq and is closely working with the Iraqi government and regional states to protect Iraq's unity, WAM reported.

Iraqi police sources said on Tuesday evening gunmen broke into the house where the UAE diplomat, Naji al-Noaimi, was staying and abducted him. They gave no further details.

"We lost touch with him," Noaimi's brother Mohammed told Dubai-based Al Arabiya TV by telephone. "Everyone knows that the UAE embassy is doing a lot of good work in the humanitarian field," Mohammed said, his voice choking up in tears.

More than 200 foreigners and thousands of Iraqis have been kidnapped since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Last year, al Qaeda militants in Iraq killed the Egyptian mission chief in Baghdad, two Algerian envoys, and two Moroccan embassy staff. The group has sworn to kill other Arab diplomats if their countries recognize Iraq's government.

It does seem to fit the pattern of al-Qaeda to kidnap and murder those attempting to help the people of Iraq even fellow Arabs. Many times these high value diplomats and other hostages are held while the terrorist release demands that the target nation withdraw all assistance from Iraq.

The trend I’ve noticed lately is that while the Sunni/baathist insurgernt groups are co-operating with al-Qeada, the al-Qaeda methods of car and suicide bombing are being replaced by the more direct targeted killings.

This man is a diplomat and kidnapping or harming his is against all the principals of war. He must be released immediately. One email calling my attention to this issue suspects that only Zarqawi’s al-Qeada in Iraq would stoop so low. He also feels it’s likely he will appear in a video or be killed. Knowing al-Qaeda’s record, I’m afraid I agree. Our thoughts go out to this mans family and the UAE. We pray he will be released quickly and safely.

The Jawa Report will update as more news becomes available or if any demands surface.

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