May 16, 2006

Surviving Beslan Terrorist Sentenced to Die

He won’t be surviving very long if a “moratorium" on executions is lifted. Nurpashi Kulayev was sentenced to die for his role in the siege of school which ended in the deaths of the rest of the terrorists and 300+ school children and teachers. At the very least he will rot for the rest of his life.

Euronews: The only man charged over the Beslan school siege two years ago has been found guilty and could face the death penalty. Reading out the sentence, the Russian judge said Nurpashi Kulayev had committed murder and attempted murder, taken part in a bandit group, taken hostages and illegally stored and transported weapons.

An official moratorium on the death penalty is in place.

However Deputy Attorney General Nikolai Shepel said he had asked for the highest punishment, the death penalty, but that he would not comment further and would wait for the court to decide.

A total of 330 people were killed when a group of gunmen, including suspected Chechen separatists, took over a school in Beslan on the first day of term. The other hostage-takers were killed in a shoot-out with Russian security forces.

Life the moratorium and place a moratorium on this man’s life ASAP. This is one of the most heinous examples of what Islamic terrorism really means.

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