May 09, 2006

You Make the Call

Radical Islamic Cleric Abu Qatada is arguing in a British deportation hearing that sending him back to Jordan to face his sentence there is against British law because he could be executed in Jordan. Jordan has agreed not to execute him. The British Government is arguing that Qatada is a security risk. You think?

BBC : A radical Islamic cleric who has been accused of being a leading figure in al-Qaeda was a risk to UK security, a deportation hearing has been told.

Ian Burnett QC, for the home secretary, told the London hearing: "The entirety of the evidence in this case supports the conclusion that the appellant is a danger to national security when everything known about him is assessed."
The UK has signed an agreement with Jordan that anyone sent back there will not be tortured or killed.

Abu Qatada's Abu Qatada's lawyer is expected to argue that the guarantee is inadequate.

This concern for his well being is misplaced. Our enemy takes advantage of protections they have no belief in. More on Qatada below the break.

CBC : Qatada believes it is the duty of every Muslim to support the Islamic holy war. He also says the United States is the enemy.

Abu Qatada: "The role of mujahedeen is dictated by what the prophet said. Whoever fights to make the word of God supreme, then it is for the sake of God. Therefore, if the jihad is to make the word of God supreme, this is what we call Islamic jihad."

CBC's Terence McKenna: "Do you incite hatred against the U.S.?"

Qatada: "No doubt, if anybody asks me, 'Is the American, or are the Americans the enemy of our peoples?' my answer would be, 'Yes, they are the enemy.'"

CBC: "In 1998, Osama bin Laden issued this fatwa against the U.S. Did you agree with that fatwa?"

Qatada: "No doubt that my previous answer about promoting or inciting hatred towards America because of what they are doing to our peoples will explain that."

(When pressed on his finacial support for terrorist acts he admits it. Remember the Chechen terrorist massacre as Beslan?)

CBC: "Did any of this money go to support jihad activities in other countries?"

Qatada: "Yes. The answer is yes – like the Chechens for example."

As a leader of Islamic terror Qatada bears just as much responsibility as the terrorists who carry out his preaching. Who follows his preaching? How about Muhammad Atta.
When the police went to Atta's last-known apartment in Germany, they discovered 19 video cassettes of the teachings of Abu Qatada. Still, Qatada denies any responsibility for the September 11 attacks.

Abu Qatada is on the American government's list of most wanted terrorists. His name also appears on terrorist lists in France and in Canada. But not in Britain.

This is a problem terrorist hiding behind British Civil courts. These laws were meant to protect people. The fact that they are now protecting terrorists who seek to harm the British people is Ironic. Somewhere along the line protecting the enemy became more important than the protection of the people in Britain from enemies within.

Wikipedia information on Abu QatadaIn 1998, he was sentenced in Jordan in absentia for involvement in a series of explosions, including one in the car park of a hotel on April 30, 1998. In 1999, the Jordanian government held negotiations with the British Government for the extradition of Omar Abu Omar. The Jordanian Government believed that Omar had a connection to a group of 14 suspected terrorists. This discussion was seen by the British and Jordanian governments as a step in combating international terrorism.

In 1999, Abu Omar was accused of funding a group of 12 Jordanians, one Iraqi and an Algerian to attack the settlement of John the Baptist where Christians believe Jesus was baptized on the Jordan River.He only wants to kill Christians and tourists. Britain should declare him an enemy leader and if the civil courts won’t or can’t do anything he should be placed in military custody. Give him to the US. I’m sure we can find a nice place to keep him for a bit. If the terrorists are our enemy they must me treated as such. Such a simple idea.

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