May 08, 2006

Jawa Gets Death Threats, Fatwa, Targetted for Online Terrorism

Over the past few days a number of death threats have been e-mailed to various writers for The Jawa Report. The specific threat is that "God permitting, I will cut your neck."

Why would normally rational and tolerant people threaten to cut off our necks? Because some of our authors have dared to insult the Holy Quran. I'm sure those issuing the threats are simple misunderstanderers of the Quran's injuction to, you know, strike at the necks of the infidels.

And, just to keep things straight, we are all infidels. And proud of it.

It looks like the threats come on the heels of a posting at Islamonline. I can't make out the entire post, but it seems to be something about some "cowards" at an Islamic conference who didn't speak out violently enough against those who ridiculed Mohammed in those now infamouse cartoons, or who had blasphemed the Koran, in the discredited stories about "Koran flushing" at Guantanamo.

I did, though, understand the part about certain "vile sons of monkeys, pigs, and cross worshippers" followed by some links to various bloggers associated with The Jawa Report. Also, the poster notes that the call to arms against The Jawa Report comes on the heels of several attempts of online terrorism by "Saudi Hacker 020" --- a reference to the online terrorist who has been attacking Aaron's Rantblog (site currently under attack and down).

There's also some allusion to how when we do finally get attacked not to blame those killing us, but rather that it is the just punishment of Allah.

So, I insult the Quran and you threaten my life? I'm not sure if I should be scared or if I should strut around the office today gloating that I finally got my fatwa? I'll go with the latter.

Damn it feels good to be a gangsta!

UPDATE: Death threat tracked to ......drumroll.....wait for it....I bet you're going to guess Switzerland, right? ......

Cairo, Egypt. Bet you didn't see that one coming, did you?

Vinnie's death threat.
Howie's death threat.
Bluto's death threat.

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