May 01, 2006

Al-Qeada Schmeada

Familiarity breeds contempt and I think we are all pretty familiar with al-Qaeda now.

MSNBC :Radical Islamic terror made big, violent and scary moves and—whether you judge it by media coverage, stock-market movements or international responses—the world yawned.
More from Captain Ed here are Captain's Quarters :
He(Zarqawi) has crapped out using his own strengths against the Americans, and now he wants to play directly into American strength in a stand-up fight. He may think that this will frighten the US military and its leadership, but right now I'd bet dollars to donuts they're either (a) laughing themselves silly, (b) high-fiving all around Centcom for having forced Zarqawi into this desperation tactic, or (c) both.
Yahharrrahhhh! Al-Qaeda, pardon us if we trembled in yawning boredom rather than fear.

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