May 01, 2006

Dutch Woman Evicted After Islamist Death Threats.

It seems that after their threats, Hirsi Ali’s cowardly neighbors supported the Islamists by filing suit to have her evicted. It seems they blamed her stand against Islamic intolerance for making the neighborhood unsafe. Rather than, you know, blame the murderous bastards themselves.

Brian at Hot Air: Hirsi Ali is the Somali-born Dutch parliamentarian whose outspokenness on the rights of women under Islam has made her a marked woman. Islamists have issued a fatwa calling for her death. And now she’s been evicted by court order at the request of her neighbors, who find her security concerns a nuisance.
It seems that the Dutch people are cowing to the attacks and threats by the Islamic militants there. Don’t come crying to us when you reap the fruit of your cowardice. This will only embolden the Islamists and result in more attacks. The failure to take a stand will be seen as weakness, because it is.

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