April 26, 2006

Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Share Lesbian Lover

Warning: Hot three-way girl-on-girl celeb "good gay" action below. Very good-gay.

Yeah, I know I was on vacation when the story broke that lesbian supermodel Jenny Shimizu revealed all about her "good gay" love affair with Angelina Jolie--but can one really ever go on vacation from Angelina Jolie lezbo action? Anyway, it turns out that Jenny Shimizu has got it going on when it comes to seducing celebs. Add a notch in her belt for Madonna. I wonder what Kabbalah has to say about hot lesbian celeb sex?

News of the World:

Crop-haired Jenny Shimizu grinned cheekily as she declared: "It's most guys' ultimate fantasy to bed Angelina or Madonna. But I'm a girl and I was sleeping with both of them—AT THE SAME TIME.

"They were both sensational lovers who got incredibly turned on by the touch of another woman."

"She spotted me on a casting video and called me out of the blue," said Jenny, 38.

"She asked me to dinner and I went to her house. Nothing happened that night, but we both felt an immediate attraction.

"Then two days later I went back to a party and instantly we both knew that we'd end up in bed together.

"From the age of 14 I'd watched her videos and thought, ‘I'm going to have sex with that gorgeous woman one day.'

"And that night my fantasy came true—again and again and again.
"For hours we explored each other's bodies, kissing every inch. Far from the domineering, sex-crazed woman many think she is, I found her a very gentle lover.
"It wasn't about whips and chains. Madonna wanted someone she could trust to call when she wanted pleasuring right there and then. I was her secret ‘booty call' available any time of the day or night for secret sex sessions.

"One time she was doing her Girlie Show tour in Paris and I was in Germany on a photo shoot.

"But she was so desperate to see me she booked me on a flight and demanded I go to her room at the Ritz. I was happy to oblige— this woman exuded raw sex appeal and I couldn't get enough of her.

"At 2am we met in her room as ordered and by 4am I was off, after two hours of slow, passionate sex. That was always how it was. We both gave each other what we wanted till we were satisfied, then I'd leave. It wasn't about an emotional bond, it was about taking each other to the heights of sexual ecstasy.

"I loved the fact I was at this woman's beck and call. It turned me on being ordered to her room whenever she felt like sex."

Suddenly, I've lost interest.

rebecca_loos_lesbian.jpgBut wait, there's more you say? A whole lot more. In addition to being Madonna's sex-slave, Angelina Jolie's lover, and make-out buddy for Naomi Campbell, Jenny Shimizu also had a thing with ex-wife of soccer superstar David Beckham, model Rebecca Loos.

"At one point we pulled away and Rebecca just went ‘Wow!' then kissed me again—a slow, passionate kiss which turned us both on like you wouldn't believe.

"She wanted me to go back to her hotel right there and then, but I'd made other plans. So it was two nights before we consummated our ‘marriage'—taking great pleasure in exploring each other for the first time.

"We pleasured each other into the early hours. She was so tanned with this wonderful slim body I couldn't keep my hands off. We fell asleep in each other's arms."

Have I ever been just a wee-bit jealous of a lipstick lesbian? Just a tad
Ask her who's the best of all her celebrity conquests and Jenny just laughs: "I couldn't choose. They were all amazing.

"I just count myself one very, very lucky girl."


(Disclaimer: The Smeagol half of the Editorial staff of The Jawa Report would like to distance itself from this post. The Gollum half takes full responsibility for this ode to our precious Angelina Jolie)

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