April 19, 2006

WTW Hilton Screws Over 100 Vets

No, not Paris screws over 100 vets you dirty, dirty boys, Hilton Hotels “screws over” 100 vets. There hope I made that clear. Paris does seem to have a heart and as we all know rich hotties like Paris pretty much get their way. So Paris, have a heart , raise some hell and get some arrangements made for this group. I’ll even put up a bottle of Howie’s wine for you. You can’t buy it with money honey! Only by helping these guys out.

Lisa Hoffman Via Capital Hill Blue :At Fran O'Brien's Stadium Steak House, hundreds of
soldiers and Marines maimed in the wars in Iraq and
Afghanistan have dined gratis on thick steaks, tossed
back a few cold ones and basked in the normalcy and
comradeship offered there.

But come May 1, those much-anticipated outings from
local military hospital wards will cease. Hilton Hotel
Corp., landlord of the restaurant, is evicting Fran's
from its decade-long location in the basement of the
Capital Hilton in downtown D.C.

"For strictly business reasons related solely to the
inability to reach a new lease arrangement, the
Capital Hilton has elected to terminate the lease,"
hotel general manager Brian Kelleher said in an
e-mailed statement.

Help these vets Paris. You are their only hope!

More discussion here.

Hat Tip: 8ackgr0und n015e.

Additional contaqct Info for Hilton Hotels so you can express your support for these men who have given so much

Barron Hilton - Chairman
Stephen F. Bollenbach - President & CEO

Thomas L. Keltner - Executive Vice President and
President - Brand Performance
Thomas_L_Keltner@hilton.com (310) 205-3311

FYI: Keltner served as an officer in the U.S. Navy
Submarine Service.
alternative contact for him via:

Jeff Diskin - Senior Vice President - Brand Management
& Marketing

Kathy Shepard - Vice President - Corporate
Phone: +1 310 205-4656


9336 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90210
main number 310-278-4321
toll free 800 286-0645

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