April 15, 2006

Taliban Gets Good Old Fashion A$$ Kicking

In fact 41 Taliban butts were terminated. They had gathered in preparation for an attack. Coalition forces took advantage of the fact they were all on one place made the first move. They of course tried to run but not before we got 41 of em. Now that’s a swift kick in the hindquarters if I ever saw one.

AP via Yahoo News : "Acting on intelligence reports that Taliban have gathered in Sangisar to plan an attack in Kandahar, we launched this operation Friday and the fighting continued from morning to evening," he said.

Khalid said security forces were pursuing Taliban fighters who fled to a nearby village. He said security forces had seen the bodies of 41 rebels but had only retrieved 11.

AH-64 Apache helicopters provided by coalition forces fired rockets to support Afghan forces on the ground, said U.S. military spokesman Lt. Mike Cody. He declined to comment on casualty figures.

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