April 12, 2006

A.P. Stringer Bilal Hussein Said to be in U.S. Custody

bilal_hussein_ap_stringer_terrorist_embed.jpgMichelle Malkin has the scoop that AP stringer Bilal Hussein has been detained by U.S. troops in Ramadi. Yes, that Bilal Hussein. The same Bilal Hussein that we opened a dead pool on in November of 2004. You know the guy.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? That maybe the recent footage out of Ramadi shown on CNN was taken by a certain AP stringer who just happnes to know when the terrorists are about to strike?

Bilal Hussein seems to be the Clark Kent or Peter Parker of Iraq.....only the alter ego I'm thinking of doesn't wear a cape, but a kafiyah.

And it turns out Bilal Hussein is even worse than I thought. Michelle found out that it was Bilal Hussein that took the photo of two terrorists standing over the body of murdered hostage Salvatore Santoro in December 2004. Just to remind you, Santoro was an Italian civilian working for a British NGO trying to help rebuild Iraq. A group calling itself The Islamic Movement of Iraqi Mujahidin took Bilal Hussein to the body of the murdered hostage just outside of....wait for it.....Ramadi---where Hussein was picked up today!

It's just too bad that American soldiers aren't 1/10th as murderous as Bilal Hussein has made them out to be in the past. If they were, Hussein would be dead.

Just read all of Michelle's post from start to finish.

And the next time you meet a soldier in a bar or restaurant, do us all a favor and pick up the tab.

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