April 11, 2006

Jawa vs. Schlussel

Sources tell me that I'll be on the radio in a few minutes to challenge Debbie Schlussel. While I cannot reveal to you my sources, they seem pretty reliable. You can listen to Hoist the Black Flag here.

In case I'm incoherent, my main point is not that Jill Carroll was a saint or that she wasn't against the war, but only that she was a victim. Hostages are the victim and terrorists are the bad guys. In the middle of a crime, one does not attack the victim, you go after the criminal. That's all.

UPDATE: So, during the break, Schlussel says she doesn't want to talk with me and that had she known I was going to confront her that she wouldn't have agreed to the interview. She also had the audacity to call me a "nut". Me. The nut. Right Debbie, right. I'm a "nut" for saying it's not good manners to attack a woman who is being held hostage. You, on the other hand, are the voice of reason.

I won't be on. The offer was retracted after Schlussel threw a fit. I'm not blaming Ace or Goldstein. They were just trying to be good hosts and have some class since Debbie Schlussel was the original guest & I was kind of an afterthought.

Another update: I'm not even sure Ace knew I was calling in, but Jeff thought it would be good radio.

I'm the 'nut':

Oh, ye of little faith and reading comprehension skills. I never mentioned the video, only these facts, which remain the same. http:/(no link whoring for you! -Vinnie) Jill Carroll's an extremist. And you apparently have a problem with premature articulation. Next time, read first. You got something wrong, though. More than thirty seconds in a room with you, and I think I'd have to kill you. Debbie Schlussel
Yes, Debbie, I'm the nut:
Don’t expect “journalist” Jillie to “investigate” that one. But hey, she says her Islamic terrorist captors treated her “very well,” and she talked about the nice shower and bathroom they gave her.

Since things were so great in captivity, maybe she should have remained at Terrorist Day Spa. And maybe they should change the name from “Stockholm Syndrome” to “Baghdad Syndrome.”

That is what Debbie Schlussel wrote after watching Jill Carroll's last two videos which were obviously coerced. Yes, Debbie, I'm the nut.

Another update: Ace has a post about it here. Like I said before, I don't blame Ace. Okay, I do blame Ace. But not for dropping my call. For dropping a Patrick Swayze reference into an e-mail conversation we just had. Now that, my friend, is out of bounds. No need to bring Patrick Swayze into the conversation.

The real problem we (and there are a lot people in that we) have with Schlussel is that when some of us pointed out that we disagreed with her, she responded by leaving some pretty inflammatory comments on our blogs. Then, after some of us called her on it, she played the part of victim.

See how that works, you leave nasty comments on our blogs, and then we we say nasty things back and you claim to be the victim.

And it's not just a few people. This has happened over and over again with Debbie who has either left nasty comments or written fairly nasty e-mails.

Now, she claims that she was really trying to point out that the Left supported Jill Carroll because she was one of them--a form of hypocrisy. Fair enough, and true enough, but in the process she also claimed Jill Carroll wasn't faking it when her terrorist captors forces her to say the most vile things about America. That, I think, is just stupid and, to be fair to Debbie, something I might have said at one time--and in fact, have said. But since I've actually been in contact with the families of hostages, since it's become somewhat of my cause, I've decided that such criticisms are usually out of bounds.

Again, my problem was in Debbie's reading of Jill Carroll's motivations, not in pointing out the dispicable way in which the Left often vocally supports the release of Leftist hostages but are silent when the hostage has no connection to the anti-war movement. But that's just the point: we should be against hostage taking because it is a barbaric practice, not be vocal only when it suits our political agenda.

Seriously, and I do mean to brag a bit, if you want to know anything about hostages in Iraq, this is the place and I am the go-to guy in the blogosphere. Check out our hostage archives for some evidence.

So, it's not that I disagree with Schlussel--I think you'll find I linked to her several times in the past, all positive--it's just that I (shall I say we?) don't like Schlussel.

Thanks again to Ace for offering to have me on the show next week. I dunno, though. I'm just not sure that Schlussel and myself have a real bone to pick and the only reason this has escalated the way it has is because some people are rather thin-skinnied, an attribute not well suited to the blogosphere.

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