April 11, 2006

Google Hosts Pedophile Websites

No, we're not talking about the North American Marlon Brando Look Alikes, we're talking about the North American Man-Boy Love Association. Blogspot, as you may already know, is a fully owned subsidiary of Google. This is the same company that warns people against seeing my Flush the Koran parody blog by giving a content warning, yet no warning for those entering a website advocating child molestation. Way to go Google!

Here is the disgusting website. I hate to even link it, but there it is. According to this WND article forwarded to my by Jay at Stop the ACLU, the site recently removed a bunch of offensive posts advocating child molestation after a Christian therapist exposed it on her radio talk show.

But, thanks to the Google cache, we've been able to see what some of those posts were that were taken down--ironical that Google, the company empowering these pedophiles is also empowering us with the tools to expose them . All the April posts are now gone, but the Google cache does have several March posts which have been removed. I've archived the cache of these pedophile bastards' webpage here just in case law enforcement needs it in the future. And I certainly hope some one gets nailed for this.

As of today, the webpage features a prominent 'code of ethics' at the top of it's page, but that wasn't true last March. For instance, the March 21st entry features links to a podcast which was once up (now gone--the link is actually to this website which claims to be an 'open roundtable childlove discussion') and describes it this way:

This episode is an intimate interview with Technea, a long-standing boylover in the community. He's an extraordinary person with a resounding understanding of life. We hear about his life, hardships, accomplishments and philosophies....

"I am a human being." Thoughts of boylove.

How about this from the comments section:
Seriously though, Thankyou Jayden :) and this just proves another point. Pedophiles/Pederasts/etc... have greater self-control and LOVE than some individuals in the world.

We are ONLY here for the ONEs WE LOVE! To care for them and their interests!

REMEMBER to LOVE your boy, YF and SYF...and others Remember to LOVE your wives, children, neighbors

Disgusting. It gets worse. The poster, Ashleigh, also contributes to another Google operated blog here. One of the posts, by another pedophile named 'Little Boy' links to a Canadian child actor's website, in which he says:
I think Daniel is a real cutie!
Daniel is 8 years old. Another post wonders whether or not Amazon.com can figure out a pedophile's identity if too many movies featuring young boys are bought. One of the movies mentioned features Billy Gilman. I've cached the site here .

Another related blogspot pedophile blog is here. It's called Modern Boylove. You're telling me that Google was unaware that a blog named 'Modern Boylove' wasn't run by pedophiles? The website glorifies the rape of a seven year old boy. Seven. Years. Old. I've cached it here

Some of the authors of both of the above blogs have pictures of very young children on their blogger profile pages. Here & Here.

I'm. Freakin. Speechless.

All of this is eerily remindful of another online pedophile who blogged this way before becoming a mass murderer: Joseph Duncan III

Hat tip to Jay at ACLU who has more. The WND article is here.

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