April 03, 2006

French University President Disgusted with French Youth.

So what do you want for nothing?

Guardian UK : The president of the world-renowned Sorbonne University has branded French students protesting about the country's new employment law "ignorant and stupid".
Reacting to protests over the law, which makes it easier for employers to fire, and therefore presumably more willing to hire, young workers, Jean-Robert Pitte said the youngsters had no dreams but believed everything was due to them as a right without having to work for it.
"I'm very angry about the demagogy, the ignorance and the stupidity of the young and of the French," said Dr Pitte, 56, a geography professor who has taught at Oxford and Cambridge and holds the LĂ©gion d'honneur.

"Today's youth don't have dreams, they have illusions. To dream is to want to accomplish something difficult that is a challenge. Instead youngsters believe they have a right to everything and if things don't go the way they want it's someone else's fault."

Oh I see just a free ride with no blisters required. Lazy punks been hanging with too many Muslims, don’t they realize if you provide value to your employer you won’t be the one fired? Oh yes they do realize that and that’s why they are upset, never mind.

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