March 31, 2006

Blaming the Rape Victim: Jill Carroll

Allah has a roundup of some of the reactions to the Jill Carroll video released yesterday. It's disturbing that so many are willing to begin naysaying the character of one who has been victimized for the past three months. Debbie Schlussel's post here, especially (Hat tip: Allah).

What would you say to your captors after months as a prisoner? You'd tell them exactly what they want to hear. Remember, the only video we have of Jill Carroll are two segments taped while she was still a prisoner--under a considerable amount of duress. The second video we have is one taped in the offices of The Islamic Party of Iraq--the political front for the same terrorists who had victimized her!

As I wrote to Allah earlier today:

After devoting considerable time to the subject I've become a bit more
sympathetic to the plight of hostages. Whether or not she was
anti-American to begin with is irrelevant since she was a civilian
operating in a war-zone. Her political views do not change the fact
that her captors are savages operating outside the laws of war. I
think we should give people the benefit of the doubt, especially when
they are victims.

A lot of really slutty chicks get raped, but there's no reason to
bring up that fact right after they've been victimized.

Once she's home if she starts acting like Giuliana Sgrena we'll call
her on it. Until then, my advice to the blogosphere is to have some

So, let's reserve judgement on this one until she is free to speak her mind without fear of retribution.

And thanks to Allah for e-mailing me. I feel like I've finally made it.

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