March 30, 2006

Fake Breasts Banned in Space

Breast Implants(United Kingdom) Virgin Galactic is booking reservations for its inaugural flight into space -- scheduled for 2008. Consequently, measures have been established to assure safety including a ban on individuals with artificially augmented breasts.


Bosses fear the implants may expand and burst due to cabin pressure, according to The Sun.

More than 157 people have paid 115,000 British Pounds [about $200,000] each to travel into space on the Virgin Galactic space "shuttle."

Spokesman Will Whitehorn said: "We've discovered there may well be issues with breast augmentation.

"We're not sure whether they could stand the trip - they could well explode."

People with heart or circulation problems may also be ruled out.

It's not clear whether artificial penile augmentation will also be banned. However, one has to assume that any rejections of prospective passengers will be based entirely on the honor system. There must be a law that prevents spaceport screeners from searching for evidence of cosmetic surgery.

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