March 28, 2006

Will Blog for Food--Is it time to leave academia? (UPDATED)

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I'm pretty depressed about not getting that job. It was my dream job. So, I'm starting to think about leaving academia. Apparently I'm a much better blogger than I am a teacher or academic. The only other skill I have is lover, but I'm afraid Mrs. Shackleford put an end to pimping my favors out long ago.

So, that leaves me with blogging. If there is anybody out there that needs a semi-famous anonymous blogger to write for whatever cause they're into, I'm willing to do it. Cheap. And by famous, I mean in the professional bowling sense of the word. You know, medium sized fish in very small and obscure pond. Call me a whore, but I need the money and I'm sick and tired of dealing with barely literate students with inflated senses of entitlement.

I'd probably be better working for a libertarian or right-of-center organization than for anything on the Left. I'm willing to try it, though. I do a fairly decent job of mimmicking Chomsky and can drop "East Timor" or "corporate interests" into just about any sentence. True, my heart won't be in it, but as a heartless libertarian I'm not sure that it matters.

I do draw the line at N.A.M.B.L.A., though. There's no way I'd work for such a despicable organization. Those disgusting Marlon Brando look-alikes with their beady eyes......

Anyway, I'm open to suggestions. I do love to write. I do love to blog. People seem to enjoy reading what I have to say. Millions more care about what I write on this blog than will ever care about my academic research. I'm beginning to think that I'd be much better off doing something like this full time than having one foot in academia and the other in the world of online publishing.

I'd love to hear from anybody who has a hot job prospect or maybe even advice.

UPDATE: Just for the record, I still have a job, but I was hoping to get a job at another university. So, I'm not starving, just miserable.

I do think that my blogging is affecting my career. I spend so much time doing it that it leaves little for the research end of academia. Which is why I'm considering doing something like this full time, if I could make it work financially.

UPDATE II: Glenn advised me in an e-mail to stick with the day job, and reminds me that its tough to make a living blogging. Very true, indeed.

I'm not necessarily trying to become a full-time blogger, but I'm not sure academia is the place for me anymore either. I've got a lot of great comments from you guys, thanks for your support.

If there was money to be had in open source intelligence analysis, then I'd be In Like Flint. The problem is that open source means any one has access to it. I have no special skills in this area and I can't imagine how my wife and three kids could be supported doing it.

Especially intriguing is the notion of writing a syndicated column. The problem with being untenured would be the transition. I imagine that one cannot make a living right off the bat, so I'd have to continue teaching. Which of course reveals the major problem: it's awfully hard to keep a job at a university while simultaneously being a public figure who is right-of-center.

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