March 26, 2006

Abdul Rahman May be Freed

To follow up on Blutos earlier post, CNN is flying a banner this morning(story up) saying western diplomats expect Rahman will be released today. However they are also reporting that Rahman has been moved to Prison. And pope Pope Benedict XVI has formally requested his release. My concern is both that he may be executed and if not his safety upon release. Muslim clerics have called for the people to quote, “Pull him into pieces!”. Rahman remains steadfast in his faith.

Rahman told the Rome daily La Repubblica Via CNN :"I am serene. I have full awareness of what I have chosen. If I must die, I will die, Somebody a long time ago did it for all of us.”
Many nations, Christian and Secular have done much for the Muslims in Afghanistan. Your freedom is our cause. As your friends we have seen and taken pity on this man. As a favor and gesture of goodwill I ask that you ensure his safety and free transport to exile to Rome. Deport him if you do not desire his presence and surely his children should be with their Father. I’ve heard quotes from Afghanistan like this one.
Via The Volokh Consiracy : "According to Islamic law he should be sentenced to death because God has clearly stated that Christianity is forbidden in our land," says Mohammed Qadir, another worshipper.

Eugene Volokh Add this:

This is telling evidence, it seems to me, that there is something very wrong in Islam today, and not just in some lunatic terrorist fringe. Doubtless many, I would hope most, Muslims would not endorse executing converts.

Christians are and have been very good brothers to the people of Afghanistan? Why then do you forbid us in your nation? Brothers should stand close to one another and sometimes correct the other. We hear your complaints and are trying to help. Now we ask the same from you.

I pray for Adbdul Rahman’s safe release. I’m not Catholic but I appreciate the work they are doing. Their help gives me some hope. They have a good track record in these things.

Update : ABCNEWS is reporting the case has been dismissed due to "problems" with the evidence. and Rahman will be relased soon.

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If you look at religions each as maturing one year per century kind of like dog years = 7 human that makes Christianity 21 and Islam 16. Look little bother we love you and all. You know it’s our commitment to respect all men without regard for his faith. Today breaking news as ABCNEWS throws a pillow at the subject. Hey at least they see there is a Subject.

Hooper of CAIR via ABC because they had too becuase the hadn't yet: All we can do is present an accurate face of Islam to the public." The Koran does not specify the death penalty for people who convert, but it does call conversion a criminal sin. It is up to the interpretation of clerics and judges to decide whether the punishment should be execution.
Hooper sees this as a crucial distinction. "Obviously we don't think it's a good thing to leave Islam. But judgment is left to God in the next life, not up to people in this life.”
Well you have best tell that these people that and hurry. We are willing to help our little brother and correct him and yes if we have to slap him right up side the head and knock some sense into him. Were sorry about that little brother but you needed it.

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