March 26, 2006

NBC Producer Reamed at Rahman Rally

NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell's producer was given some basic instruction in humanity by conservative commentator Cam Edwards Friday. Mitchell's producer showed up at a rally for Adbul Rahman, the Afghan facing death for leaving Islam, outside the Afghan embassy in Washington, D.C. The producer was apparently trying to incite anti-Bush quotes from the protesters.

At some point, Edwards gave him an earful that probably won't make the Nightly News, as mainstream media types are inordinately averse to broadcasting uncomplimentary opinions of themselves. Even richly deserved uncomplimentary opinions.

Age of Hooper (The) got video of the exchange, which you can access here. AoH(T) also has photos of the rally. Here's a sample of what Edwards had to say to Mitchell's producer:

If this turns into just another left versus right issue...rather than upholding the ideals of every human rights document from the Declaration of Independence to the UN declaration of international human rights...if we lose sight of that, and if you all [points at producer] turn it into a political issue pitting the conservatives against the President, or conservatives against liberals, then you will have failed to get the message out. [Applause]
Advantage, Cam Edwards.


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