March 22, 2006

What Country Has the Hottest Military Babes?

A raging debate has started as to which nation produces the hottest women soldiers over at Military Photos. There are now over 365 pages of pics--the longest thread ever at the website. Who would have thought that our men in the armed services would care so deeply about babes?

So, which nation has the hottest military babes? It's so hard to judge these things. I mean, take an average looking chick. Throw a uniform on her. Have her pose with an M-16. Voila, she is suddenly transformed from girl next door to candidate for Playmate of the Year! Or at least, that's how I see it. There's just something hot about a chick with a gun and an urge to kill terrorists.

What is obvious about this photo series is that there is clearly a hot military babe gap. No, America has produced its share of very hot soldiers, marines, navy babes, and air women, but come on--we're the freakin USA! I mean, are we going to sit back and be comfortable with being among the nations with the world's hottest military chicks? Hell no! This is America, not Canada.

It's high time for our millitary recruiters to head to top modeling agencies, sorority houses, and strip clubs, so that we can boast to the world that we have the hottest soldiers in the world.

All the images below are SFW. Check them out and then answer this poll.

Which country has the best looking women in uniform?
United States of America
al Qaeda--not a nation
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American military babes:

Hot solo air force babe action. My love of babes and gun porn all in the same pic!

How can we lose with soldiers like this?

Or this?

Is that belly button ring standard issue, soldier?

My grandfather was career Air Force. Now I see why.

Marines in Fallujah, 2005.

God bless the USA!

Bombs away!

Mechanic any one?

Then again, we are constantly reminded by the MSM that we also have this. Why don't we make the IDF a deal and trade her in for a better model?

Hot military babes of the world:

Man, are those Israeli IDF soldiers hot, or what? Okay, they are our allies, I know, but they're supposed to be the junior partners in this relationship.

Here's my favorite IDF chick:

Followed by:

Candid IDF photo. Time for Professor Chaos to convert and move to Israel!

And I have serious doubts about this chick really being in the IDF.... but, we can hope.

Name Britain's most famous hot millitary babe and member of the Pentavarite. You have to admit, she was a handsom woman in her time:

And yo do know the Brits allow lesbians in the military, right?



Spain: Hey Spain...we could use her help in Iraq! You lousy defeatists....


Australian sheila

Neutral military babes:


Finland. Are the Fins in Afghanistan?


Hot military babes from countries we might have to fight.

North Korea: Are we going to let the North Koreans get away with this?

China: No, the Chinese military doesn't want to put Taiwan under its thumb. It just wants to play with kittens. That's all. Trust them.

Okay, I just had to include this for the sake of being able to write Chinese Peoople's Liberation Army upskirt.

France...okay, so they claim to be allies, but come on. We all know that one of these days we and France are going to have to have a little chat. Just think, 3 minutes into the war they will surrender and she will become a POW!

I pray we remain allies with Russia for this simple reason.

Just so you know, this is what we are up against if the fit ever hit the shan with Iran. Can you blame them for wanting to cover their faces?

More from Iran....

Al Qaeda tank with female jihadi and bin Laden concubine.


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