March 21, 2006

That's One Phat Bass

world_record_bass.jpgWorld record large mouth bass caught yesterday at Dixon Lake, in San Diego County by Mac Weakley. Yes, the world's biggest bass was caught in California. Take that Confederate Yankee. The fish weighed 25 lbs. 1 oz, breaking the previous record of 22 lbs. 4 ozs set by George W. Perry at Montgomery Lake in Georgia in 1932.

Unfortunately, this giant of a fish was "foul-hooked"--which means that it was hooked in a place other than in the mouth. In other words, Weakly's lure snagged the fish on accident. The IGFA rules, though, only disqualify the fish if it was intentionally fould-hooked. Regardless of its official position in the record books, this is the biggest bass ever caught.

My dad and cousin sometimes fish this lake, but I've never been. Suddenly I regret my decision to not join them. The San Diego Union Tribune is following the story here, here, and here.

UPDATE: Field and Stream seem to have the best account here.

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