March 14, 2006

Abu Hamza Videos: "Allah is Happy When the Kafir (Unbeliever) is Killed"

Glen Jenvey is the guy most responsible for putting Abu Hamza behind bars. He has released a series of video of Hamza's sermons. Worth the watch.

Here's a highlight where Hamza condemns Saudi clerics for being too sympathetic to America after 9/11:

These big belly sheiks, they are crying their tears and they calling the brothers terrorists, And they send the victims about, the prostitutes of the World Trade Center, the controller of, of the usury, central usury banks, are controlled by these World Trade Centers, the plot of, against Muslims and they going against the whole plan to the Pentagon, and they cry and said they are innocent....

Now, the government is an agent for the Russians and for the Americans, and for Europe and for anybody except Islam. Why they don't open their mouth? May Allah seal their mouths with fire, say Amen [crowd answers Amen] Allahu Akbar.

Hamza on the example of Muhammed. Modern jihadis could learn from Muhammed's example. After a long day of killing the infidels, Muhammed would come home to his 9 year old wife and help with cooking and cleaning. Not like the modern jihadi who won't even change a diaper, let alone clean up the mess left by his latest beheading victim:
We have to be soldiers to Allah, [?] He was doing jihad, he was looking after his family, he was sewing his own clothes he was takening revelations, he was doing dawa, everything at the same time, these are obligations.
And my favorite:
Allah is happy when the Kafir (unbeliever) is killed
Go check out the videos.

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