March 02, 2006

Terrorist Confesses to Beheading Shosei Koda, 116 Others

The AP reports that Al Qaeda leader Hussein Fahmi has confessed to the beheading murders of 116 in Iraq. Among Fahmi's victims is Shosei Koda, the Japanese civilian whose gruesome beheading video was posted on the internet. In it, Koda's severed head is placed on top of an American flag. Al Qaeda had earlier demanded that Japan remove its contingent of less than 200 engineers sent to Iraq to help rebuild.

Fahmi is reportedly a foreigner of Egyptian and Palestinian descent who was captured two months ago in Baghdad on a tip from a resident.

The Japanese embassy in Tokyo has unofficially confirmed the story, although the investigation into the veracity of the confession is still being made.

It is people like Hussein Fahmi that makes us hope that there is a hell. If you have seen the Shosei Koda beheading video or images from it, you will pray that there is a hell too. Koda was in Iraq as a tourist, and ended up a victim of Islamist brutality.

In related good news via Traderrob, 61 al Qaeda suspects have been arrested near Fallujah. Let's hope Abu Musab al Zarqawi is next to be captured.


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Reportedly, an arrested al-Qaeda member in Iraq has confessed to decapitating 116 people, including a Japanese national.

In his statement to AP, an official from the Interior Ministry officials in Iraq, Major Raid al-Mafraji told that al-Qaeda member Hussein Fehimi confessed to beheading 116 people.

Reportedly, the Japanese citizen, Shosei Koda was among the abducted who were later decapitated by Fehimi.

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