February 28, 2006

Today is International High-Five a Muslim Day (Video Banned in Australia, Receives Fatwa)

Today is the International High-Five a Muslim Day. The video explaining this is below, but feel free to use the banner on the right to participate. Who am I to not follow the example of my personal Lord and Savior in offering the up-high to my Muslim brothers?

Because there has to be a way to say, "Hey, Muslims, we're totally down with you. It's nothing personal, we really think you're cool. It's just the whole 'behead the infidels' and 'stone the adulterers' thing we're not down with." And a nod just isn't enough and a hug is, well, just too much.

According to Zembla:

Deeming it offensive, Network 10 chose to censor the sketch rather than air it during the regular broacast of The Ronnie Johns Half Hour.
Censor the video? Like Flea, I find nothing sacreligious about it. I guess after the Muhammed cartoon row, some in Australia have decided to show how "fair" they are by censoring this video depicting Jesus. Because we all know those Christians react to offensive material exactly like Muslims, right?

It turns out that Ronnie Johns, who made the video, was issued a fatwa (fatwa via Aussia Miasma). A real live freakin fatwa for his depiction of Jesus. But the fatwa is that the video is good. See how that works? Show Muhammed: death. Show Jesus: thumbs up!

Watch the video below by clicking the little play arrow thingy on the pic below, or go here or here.

Update: Unknown to me, Tian and SondraK were already celebrating!

Check out Tian's photoshop:

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