February 28, 2006

Islam Means Peace (Doesn't it?)

72 White Grapes for all!

"Moderate" Muslim leader speaks: Islam means war.

Senior al Qaeda asshole captured in Iraq. Evan Kohlmann is skeptical. Meanwhile, escaped al Qaeda bad guy vows attacks on U.S. soil.

Former Taliban official in U.S., studying at Yale.

Europe is the new Weimar Republic? Indeed.

Mothers celebrate death of sons, infidels.

Good news from those liberated from tyrants and religious fanatics.

It's soooo depressing being Muslim. I think I'll go on Oprah.

5,000 kids in Pakistan call for death to Muhammed blasphemers. Our allies in the GWOT.

A fresh steaming pile of taqiyya: Michigan student newspaper criticized over Muhammed cartoon publication.

Arab League Chief: Cartoons Are Deadly Threat Against Islam

eBay cancels Muhammed cartoon auction.

Solidarity with brave souls.

Dubai: everything you never wanted to know because its fun to stick our heads in holes and play the religious reletavism game.

Domestic terror leader indicted.

Allah spotting for fun and profit.

The Filthy One on Army Pfc. Daniel P. Unger.

Gulf War I was a disaster. I agree.

Germany denies report that it helped in Iraq war.

Jihad. The good kind.

PA collapse? Soooo sad.

In addition to bending over for Muslim minority, Spain now happy to provide KY.

U.S. bitch slaps Sunnis, Shias in Iraq.

You can't hug an Iranian with nuclear arms.

Fascinating. The demography vs. democracy paradox.

Saddam ends hunger strike, Michael Moore to provide the hot wings.

Mexico's Filthy Sanchez.

What religion is your bra?

Just try to impeach Bush. We dare you.

D.C. blog meet-up info.

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