February 27, 2006

Islamic Militant Executed For Murders Of American Missionaries

Abed Abdul-Razzak Kamil, an Islamic militant, was executed in Yemen today for the murders of three American missionaries:

Yemen Observer—The Ibb Appeal Court executed this morning by a firing squad Abed Abdul-Razzak Kamil, who killed three American missionaries in Jibla, 5 km to the south of a southern province of Ibb in 2002.

The execution took place in the yard of the central prison of Ibb, which was attended by prison, police and judicial officials.

Some staff of American embassy in Sana’a attended the execution, however, no confirmation made from the US embassy in Sana'a. ...

Abed Abdul-Razzak Kamil was convicted of killing American missionaries Martha C. Myers, William Koehn, and Kathleen A. Gariety.

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