February 27, 2006

Peacenicks Plan to "Storm" White House

In the lingo of the left, "genocide" = any civilian killed by U.S. troops, regardless of extraordinary measures taken to avoid civilian casualites. It does not include mass murderers in the Sudan bent on wiping out animists, Christians, and black Muslims.

"Torture" = any time the U.S. deprives a prisoner of sleep. "Torture" does not include enforcement of sharia law, in places like Fallujah under the 'resistance', where beheading, arm and tongue amputation, and stoning to death are institutionalized.

"Occupaton" = any time the U.S. liberates a country. It also includes any Jewish majority anywhere. It does not Turkish, Iraqi, Syrian, and Iranian control over Kurdish territory.

United for Peace
plans to "storm" the White House to "Stop Genocide, Torture and Occupation".

It's not so much that we're not against genocide, torture, and occupation. It's just that we fundamentally disagree on what those words mean.

Hat tip: Alicia

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