February 21, 2006

Hot Muslim Singer Gets Death Threats

deeyah_video_bikini.jpgWhy? Because she's hot. She also openly criticizes Islamic countries for thier treatment of women. She's also hot. Did I mention that she was hot?

Now this is the kind of Muslim that I could really get into!

Via Mac Powell at ITB this from Contact Music:

Muslim pop star DEEYAH is facing death threats because her raunchy new music video sees her strip off a burka (burqa) to reveal her bikini-clad body.

Deeyah claims the video for WHAT WILL IT BE? deals with Muslim women’s rights and female empowerment as it also features Muslim women who have fought for freedom of expression.

That's how you fight Islamic fascism--by taking off your clothes!!! Who am I to argue with that?

At first glance it's just another pop video, but take a closer look. There are not so subtle visual references to Ayaan Hirsi Ali's movie Submission.

From her My Space website:

"Because of her bold stance on Muslim women's rights, Deeyah has received more death threats than 50 Cent", says one UK journalist. "Despite the continuous abuse and death threats, Deeyah remains defiant against prejudice and discrimination on all levels--especially towards women.
You can watch the video that caused the death threats here.

And just because we know this will piss some people off, below are a few images of Deeyah. All of them are from the controversial video, except the last one. I just like that one for some reason.










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