February 18, 2006

Taliban Supporters Behind New York Rally Against Muhammed Cartoons

I have already posted about the fact that the Islamic Thinkers Society was behind the New York rally in front of the Danish embassy. This is the same group that burned the American flag, celebrated 9/11, and warned that 'next time, we will get all of NYC.' Here is an admission from the group that they a) organized the rally to condemn the Muhammed cartoon b) share the same goals as al Qaeda and the Taliban--the revival of the Caliphate, institution of sharia (Islamic) law, the building of a utopian Islamic society, and the domination of the world by Muslims

Here is a screenshot of the announcement from their webpage. [click to zoom]

And a statement of their goals:

Our objective is to resume the Islamic way of life to which will fulfill the purpose of the aim. Our objective is to bring back the apparatus that was destroyed in 1924 i.e. Khilafah. Indeed it was the Khilafah that united the Muslim Ummah under one flag, one land, one border, and one leader. It was the Khilafah which served as the appartus to make sure that Tawheed manifested in all ascpect in the Muslim Ummah's affairs. Surely, anyone who accepts any other system than Allah's Shari'ah is worshipping the one who has put his laws in place of the laws of Allah. This is a major form of shirk and anyone who commits a major shirk has left Islam....
Let me remind you that the penalty for leaving Islam, especially under their version of sharia, is death. More:
This is what we, as part of Islamic Thinkers Society strive for. To create the ideal Islamic society, where the furqan(criterion) for the individuals as well as the rulers will be the Qur'an & Sunnah and the Qur'an & Sunnah only. As always, our struggle is intellectual & political. To us, this is a matter of life & death. A matter of jannah & jahannam. It requires seriousness, dedication, & sabr.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have found the American Taliban, and it is operating openly in New York City!

According to their own website, they are 'less than a handful of people'. Here is a photo of the rally by 'less than a handful of people'. I hope the FBI is keeping close tabs on this group of extremists. The MSM certainly isn't.


Do they really support terrorism? YES!

From their forum rules:

Yup, they're just upset over the Muhammed cartoons.

Oh, and what do we have hear? It appears that The Jawa Report has been brought to the attention of this little band of terror supporters. The referring url takes us back to a discussion forum run by the Islamic Thinkers Society. I wonder what I could have said that would piss them off?


Did I mention they have an e-mail? info@IslamicThinkers.com

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