February 17, 2006

American Muslims Protest Mohammed Cartoons, Call for Destruction of America

Irony on parade. Here are photos of the Fifth column operating in New York today. The protest over the Muhammed cartoons today in front of the Danish embassy that was organized by The Islamic Thinkers Society of New York. The retards in the MSM say that this group is simply upset about the blasphemous cartoons.

You may remember this group from past protests in the Big Apple where they shouted "we will kill you", and "next time we will get all of NYC". This is also the same group that burned the American flag and distributed the video. I've posted a few images from that video below. You can view the video here via Bareknuckles Politics.

Isn't it rich that they also carry around signs urging tolerance and calling Islam 'the religion of peace'? At one protest organized by them they could be heard screaming, God hates the US because they have Homosexuals.

Upset over the Muhammed cartoons? More like upset that the U.S. isn't an Islamic state and that the 9/11 terrorists killed so few.

Hat tip to Ace of Spades and Shawn Wasserman.

See our extensive expose on the Islamic Thinkers Society of New York here.





Image from Islamic Thinkers Society Video of American flag desecration.

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