February 16, 2006

The Arabs Parallel Universe - From An Arab/Muslim's Perspective

Rantings Of A Sandmonkey has a couple of interesting posts up that I'd go so far as to say offer important insight to non-Muslims on some prevalent opinions and the world view of many Arab/Muslims - from the advantage point of a moderate Arab/Muslim's perspective. In one of his previous posts a reader (Jeffrey) had left a comment describing a phenomenon that he had noticed over the past 3 years of viewing middle-eastern news, something he referred to as the A.P.U., (Arab Parallel Universe).

Sandmonkey writes that the A.P.U. was created by Arabs to explain to themselves why they are in the rut they have been for so long, while also glorifying their personal victories against a world that is always conspiring against them. In the A.P.U., events that happen in our real universe also occur, except that the fashion of their occurrence and their outcome are very different then what we- in the real universe-know them to be. In referring to the commenter he writes:

It amazed me that he came to that conclusion, since it brilliantly summed up something that I have been trying to describe for years. I immediately told all my family and friends about it and upon their realization that we are all citizens of the A.P.U., they started giving me examples and evidence of that geographic phenomenon. In this post I will try to explain some of the rules of the A.P.U., and list examples of them for the sake of explaining to the rest of the world the rules of our very fun parallel Universe.
You can read all of his commentary at his site, but here is a summary and conclusion; the 7 political rules of the APU are:
1) Arabs never make mistakes, and they rarely lose wars.
2) The Zionists and the Americans are always to blame for everything that is wrong in the APU.
3) If there is any credit at all that can be contributed to Arabs in any way, they will take it.
4) Good leadership is inversely related to how US-friendly a leader is!
5) Any media that is not the official state-owned media is filled with Zionist, Jewish, American, Christian, imperialist, anti-arab influences and they LIE ALL THE TIME!
6) There is really no need for elections in the APU, because Presidents and rulers are presidents and rulers for life.
7) The only viable alternative candidate to the current leader or president is this current leader or president’s son.
In a follow-up, today he posts another comment from a reader, Elengil, who he says he'd so have a crush on for her brain alone if it weren't for the fact that she was already involved. In what he refers to as representing the prevelant opinion amongst those in the APU, he posts Elengil's comments:

(In the) Arab Parallel Universe...

"Collective punishment is wrong. But only against us. If we decide to collectively punish you, then that's ok because you all deserve it. But don't you dare generalize all of us, no matter how much we generalize you. Oh and by the way, an attack on one Arab country is an attack on all Arab countries.. but please don't assume that means an attack BY one Arab country means an attack by all Arab countries cause that would be a logical falacy. Somehow.

So remember:
Generalizations of us by you: Wrong
Generalizations of you by us: Right

And don't you dare criticize our violence, cause then we'll kill you, and that'll just prove how peaceful we really are! Take that you American and Zionist pig-dogs and your Democratically elected leaders that we hate and have caused the world to turn on you. But don't you dare criticise "our" democratically elected terrorist organization, because they were elected, so you have to like them, no matter how much we hate your democratically elected leaders - it's right to assume that the whole of America supported everything Bush stood for since as many as 50% voted for him, but it would be wrong to assume that every Palestinian supports everything Hamas stands for since only around 80% voted for them."

I can't help but wonder just how many Arab/Muslims subscribe to the views of the A.P.U!

Perhaps the real summation here is that of a sobering perspective; in such a mindset so completely set apart from reason and reality, how can those outside the APU possibly communicate and reason with those inside it? Thus, we have a true measure of what the West faces in trying to breach a very great divide.

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