February 16, 2006

Exclusive: Prisoner Abuse Photos from Iraq that MSM Won't Show You

**Jawa Report Exclusive**

The Jawa Report has obtained new photos from a new prisoner abuse scandal in Iraq. The photos show Iraqi prisoners being murdered by troops. The photos have not been published by a single mainstream news outlet.

The mainstream media has eagerly published old photos from the old Abu Ghraib scandal. These photos appear to show Iraqi prisoners in U.S. custody being abused, humiliated, and tortured. These old photos from an old scandal are sure to inflame more violence against U.S. troops in Iraq and against the elected government of our Iraqi allies.

The U.S. military has already prosecuted over 25 people over the Abu Ghraib scandal with another 2 soldiers scheduled to go on trial in the next few weeks. The U.S. government treats soldiers involved in such abusive activities as criminals. In fact, the original photos only appeared long after the U.S. military had begun an investigation into the abuses.

There is real abuse still happening in Iraq, though. The mainstream media does not want you to know about this abuse. They have refused to report on it. Even though the images are available to them, they refuse to show them.

These images are quite damning. They clearly show that prisoners in Iraq continue to be abused. More than abused, these images show prisoners in Iraq being murdered by the troops involved. Yet, nothing from the mainstream media.

The images below are not graphic. They show two prisoners in Iraq just before they are murdered by the soldiers holding them. They were both murdered by soldiers in Iraq in the last week. The soldiers holding them openly boast that the prisoners will be killed, even though this is clearly a violation of the Geneva Conventions. It is also clear that those involved are acting on the direct orders of their superiors all the way to the top of their chain of command. Instead of punishment for these acts of torture and murder, they are openly rewarded and praised.

We demand a U.N. investigation into the ongoing murder, rape, torture, humiliation, and abuse that continues to be widespread in Iraq on an almost daily basis. Clearly the mainstream media cannot be trusted to let the world know aobut these ongoing gross violations of international law and morality.

Below: Images taken from a video produced by The Army of Ansar al-Sunnah. The resistance soldiers prepare to murder an Iraqi prisoner. The video may be downloaded here (see Feb. 20th entry). All Iraqis who fall into the hands of the mujahidin are eventually murdered. They are accused of the 'crime' of 'apostasy' and then beheaded or shot. Where is the U.N.? Where is Amnesty International? Where is al Jazeera?




Below: Image taken from a video made by insurgent soldiers of Jaish al-Fatheen [The Conquering Army] of an Iraqi soldier taken prisoner near al-Habbaniya. In violation of the Geneva Conventions, the prisoner has been beaten and forced to confess. His fate is far worse than those of prisoners abused by American soldiers at Abu Ghraib--he is later murdered by those holding him hostage.



SITE report on the al-Habbaniya images above.

Thanks to Doubletap and Tribeca for finding the original video.


Warning: the following images are of more prisoners in Iraq being tortured, humiliated, abused, and murdered. Many of these prisoners are civilians being held by insurgent soldiers. Some of the photos are quite graphic.

Do not proceed unless prepared for graphic and disgusting images.

Below: Civilian journalist Jill Carroll is held prisoner by insurgent soldiers. She has not been charged with a crime. Clearly her due process rights are being violated.

Below: Two German engineers held prisoner by insurgents in Iraq.

Below: American Jeffrey Ake shown being held by insurgent soldiers. In violation of the Geneva Conventions, the insurgents are not wearing clearly identifiable uniforms. Jeffrey Ake has been missing in Iraq since April 11th, 2005.

Below: Shaker Mahmoud Jassim and Riyadh Najim Abdullah shortly before and after they are beheaded by The Army of Ansar al-Sunna.

Below: American hostage Dean Sadek. Missing in Iraq for over a year.

Below: 12 civilians from Nepal murdered by Ansar al-Sunnah.

Below: The Army of Ansar al-Sunnah killed Japanese hostage Akihiko Saito.

Below: Margaret Hassan murdered by insurgents in Iraq.

Below: Al Qaeda in Iraq murders Iraqi Ministry of Interior official.

Below: Blood on the wall of torture chambers found in Fallujah shortly after it was liberated from insurgents.

Below: The Army of Ansar al-Sunnah murders civilian translator in Iraq.

Below: 3 of 7 Iraqi civilians murdered by insurgents.

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