February 16, 2006

Fatwa This: Insulting Muhammed Videos, Cartoons, Riots, Murders and Other Links of the Day

It's the religion of peace roundup, featuring this Zipperfish video. "Saying Muslims aren't extremists is kind of like saying Christians aren't annoying."--I'll take annoying.The best part? The Muhammed totally gay review. (thanks to Dan Riehl for sending link)

Google baiting for Muhammed cartoon fatwa is fun. Will somebody please fatwa this guy already!!

Why Google deserves to be baited: Google, afraid of getting killed by misunderstanderers of ROP, removes It's in the Koran song from cache.

Tiny minority of extremists: 50,000 rally in Pakistan wishing to impose Islamic prohibitions on the West.

Cartoon protesters in Philippines behead effigies over Muhammed cartoons.

Hamburglar, Big Boy, Mr. Burns all go into hiding after Muslim protests turn against Ronald McDonald fictional characters.

Anne Coulter: the anti-Tokyo Rose.

BBC: It's not that we want to exempt Islam from our normal anti-religious propaganda, it's just that we're afraid of Muslims, you know, cutting our heads off.

Another step toward fascism in Europe: Norway criminalizes blasphemy.

Obvious: Iraqis say Saddam could exploit Abu Ghraib images

Even more obvious: Report says al Qaeda wants to kill us, will use any means necessary.

Good news from Iraq: Iraqi troops stepping up to the plate faster than expected.

ABC's Lost loses it.

Propaganda: the good kind.

Racism in our Universities.

It's official: Warner Bros' Looney Tunes takes over MSM

Left's greatest fears realized: Bush death squads/black helicopters abducting dissidents in their sleep!

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