February 10, 2006

Murder Deadline for Jill Carroll Set for Feb. 26

Jill Carroll's terrorist captors are warning that they will murder the American hostage if their demand that all female Iraqi prisoners be released. The terrorists gave the Iraqi governmet until Feb. 26th. Also, an informer told a private Kuwaiti TV station that he knew where Jill Carroll is. I pray that this Arab TV station cooperates with the Iraqi and American forces so that Jill Carroll can be liberated from her barbaric captors before it is too late.

A note accompanied the video released of Jill Carroll yesterday. I guess we now know what was on the note. Apparently, there is also a ransom demand.


The Iraqi kidnappers of American journalist Jill Carroll have set a Feb. 26 deadline for their demands to be met or they will kill her, the owner of Kuwait's Al-Rai television said Friday.

People close to the kidnappers told the private TV channel earlier Friday that Carroll is "in a safe house owned by one of the kidnappers in downtown Baghdad with a group of women," Jassem Boudai told The Associated Press....

Boudai said Al-Rai had received a message from "sources close to the kidnappers." He said the message was not conveyed in a videotape, but "another method." He declined to how it was received and whether the message was delivered to Al-Rai's head office in Kuwait or its bureau in Baghdad — where Thursday's video of Carroll was received.

He said the sources told Al-Rai that Carroll was in good psychological condition and was doing housework with the other women in the place where she was being held.

According to the sources, the kidnappers denied they killed Carroll's translator when the abducted her at gunpoint, as has previously been reported.

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