February 05, 2006

And Now A PBUHlic Service Announcement

Ladies and gentlemen, I am Mohammed Theprophet (PBUM), here to talk to you about a distressing situation in the world of fine art and high culture.

As you well know, I have had several supporting roles in such movies as "The Siege," "Executive Decision," and "The Delta Force" trilogy. I also had a prominent role in the television drama "Flight 93" and various episodes of "24." So I can talk about the arts from an insider's perspective. And what I see in the art world today distresses me greatly.

We are losing a valuable gem in the world of art. A beautiful flower amongst the dead petals of contemporary popular culture. This wonderful, yet disappearing art form is, of course

Danish porn. That's right, thanks to the internet, which values quantity over quality, the fine art of good Danish porn is rapidly disappearing from the scene. Any schlub with a camera and a halfway decent-looking girlfriend can start an internet porn site, but there will never be another gift to pornography like Danish porn. And I have enlisted a powerful friend to help me raise awareness to this awful travesty. Ruholla?


He (PBUH) is right. When I was exiled in France, I sampled porn from all around the continent. There was no porn like Danish porn. And now that I'm in Hell, and all they let us have is midget trannie bondage porn, I miss the great Danish porn that much more.

So, brothers and sisters, I beg you, I beseech you, support Denmark. Support the great Danes, and buy Danish porn.

PBUH, out.

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