February 03, 2006

British Muslims: "Behead Those Who Insult Islam"


What the news is not reporting about these people is that they are followers of Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad and that their website has called for death to all those who blaspheme mohammed. They openly preach this hate on the streets of London. A related group, The Saved Sect, operates in Birmingham.

Intelligence gathered from Jawa Report operatives indicated that radical Islamists linked to Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad are using The Birmingham Grid for Learning webservers to spread jihadi propaganda and recruit terrorists. These webservers are owned and operated by the Birmingham City Council. The webserver also seems to be related to various schools in Birmingham.

What we want to know is who has access to these webservers? Is an employee of the City of Birmingham, or a related school, a jihadi? I believe the people of Birmingham might be interested to know that there is a terrorist in their midst. Especially if that terrorst is teaching their children.

More pics at LGF.

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