February 01, 2006

Impeach Lynn Woolsey Now!

Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D, CA.jpgLast night Cindy Sheehan was arrested and expelled from the gallery for disruptive behavior. I don't blame Cindy one bit. Mother Saint Cindy Sheehan was just doing what Mother Saint Cindy Sheehan does. To claim that you didn't see that coming is worse than sheer stupidity, it's a lie.

So, who is responsible for the Cindy Sheehan train wreck? Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D-Calif.

Rep. Woolsey is directly responsible for disrupting the President's State of the Union Speech. It was she who gave her one invitation to last night's event to a known anti-American activist and traitor.

No, Cindy Sheehan is not an anti-war activist as the MSM constantly reports, she is an anti-American activist. The kind of anti-American activist who believes in a global Jewish conspiracy. The kind of anti-American activist who believes Washington takes its marching orders from Tel Aviv. The kind of anti-American activist who embraces strong-men like Hugo Chavez because they both share the same vision of a weak America which will not meddle in the affairs of third-rate countries' schemes to oppress their own people.

Cindy Sheehan is more than an anti-war activist, she is a traitor to her own son who volunteered to fight in Iraq. She believes her own son was in Iraq to oppress the Iraqi people and to steal their oil.

If that wasn't enough, she is a criminal. And a criminal with poor manners, at that. Arrested on numerous occasions in acts of civil-disobedience, what the hell did any one expect she would do last night? Frown at the President.

So, the person responsible for bringing her to the State of the Union address had to have known what she was planning. To say Lynn Woolsey didn't know is to say Lynn Woolsey is stupid.

Lynn Woolsey ought to be impeached and removed from the House of Representatives for her part in facilitating an unlawful act. At the very least, she should be immediately censured by that body.

I will update this post later and see what other people are saying about Lynn Woolsey and Cindy Sheehan. I hope I'm not alone in my utter disgust at one very irresponsible Congresswoman's actions. Excuse any typos but I banged this out pretty fast and no time to check it now.

Yet another update: It looks like Lynn Woolsey isn't the only Congressperson who stands in dire need of censure. Add to that list Rep. Pete Stark, D-CA.

Some other members were upset about Sheehan’s arrest. “I’m still trying to find out why the president’s Gestapo had to arrest Cindy Sheehan in the gallery. … It shows he still has a thin skin,’’ said Rep. Pete Stark, D-Fremont.
Apparently, the Capital police are content neutral. They also ejected a Congressman's wife for wearing a shirt calling which read: "Support the Troops Defending Our Freedom." , which really sucks. Lawhawk has more on that here.

Let me just say this to all the conservatives out there who are saying something like, "Well, it's okay to throw Cindy out because they also threw out Pete Stark's wife." Look, if you want to equivocate Cindy Sheehan's anti-Americanism with Mrs. Stark's patriotism, be my guest. However, doing so is kinda, I dunno, wimpy. Like, who on earth are we to judge the content of the speech being said? Screw that. I'll judge if you aren't willing to. Cindy Sheehan's very presence in the Capital building is an offense to that institution after she went down and hugged Hugo Chavez last week. But to allow her to come into that building wearing that shirt is even worse.

And to the 'free speech' crowd who seem so well versed in the 1st Amendment, let me remind you of Article 1, sec. 5 of the U.S. Constitution:

Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behavior, and, with the Concurrence of two-thirds, expel a Member.

UPDATES: Ah, I knew Michelle Malkin and I would be on the same page on this one. Of course, I call for greater sanctions than revoking her tickets, but other than that Michelle is right on:

When it comes to whether she knew Sheehan would pull the stunt she pulled, Woolsey has absolutely no plausible deniability. She is one of disruptive guerilla group Code Pink's biggest advocates.
I find myself with a couple of extra minutes so I'm trying to see what the blog reaction is. Rob Port says:
It is bad enough that Rep. Woolsey would lend credence to the kind of vile, vicious rhetroric spewed by Cindy Sheehan but to invite such a loose cannon into a Presidential speech with the clear intent on disrupting it is beyond the pale.
For a good rundown on bloggie reaction check out Sista Toldjah.

Another update: At the request of John Ryan, here is what Mother Saint Cindy's shirt says. 2,242 DEAD How Many More?

Here is an image from Mother Saint Cindy Sheehan's reaction over at big fat traitor's website here.

I won't bother to look, but I'm sure the Leftards are up in arms over this.

UPDATISHNESS: Interested Participant: It looks to me like an anti-Bush and anti-America T-shirt. Heh.

Traderrob: Thinking straight has perenially been an issue for you Ms. Sheehan. Bwahahaha!!

Taylor: I can see a teenager who thinks that showing up at “The Man’s” place to show him what for with a placard or shirt would be speaking truth to power and all that, but I continue to be amazed at Ms. Sheehan’s puerile, and indeed often juvenile, attempts at scoring political points.

Dan Riehl's sure bet: But what do you think the chances are that Cindy Sheehan gets invited to the Oscars, gets a prominent seat and at some point some Hollywood moonbat will point out that she's among friends and not subject to arrest?

Kevin Aylward: What's next for Mama Moonbat, streaking through a presidential press conference? My eyes, they burn!

Goldstein: Whereas, Elaine Benes being forced to remove her Orioles’ cap while sitting in one of the Yankees’ owners’ boxes—now we’re talking restriction of speech that are unconscionable…

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