January 30, 2006

Another Jill Carrol Hostage Video Emerges

jill.carroll.aljazeera.second.hostage.video.jpgUPDATE 2/09/06: Third Jill Carroll hostage video here.

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Disturbing news that al Jazeera has released yet another Jill Carroll video. This time, the massogonistic terrorists force Ms. Carroll to cover her head. Sickening.

UPDATE: While we continue to search for the unedited video, you can see the al Jazeera broadcast here (see right side of screen). As further evidence of al Jazeera's objectively pro-terrorist stance, anti-Americanism, and lies, earlier reports by the station itself that no audio were shown are not true. Al Jazeera does let this bit of audio slip by in the background:

their own government [inaudible] Iraq...let these people go home to their families
Undoubtedly a reference to the female Iraqi prisoners.

Roy Hallums, a hostage liberated by U.S. troops, related that when his terrorist captors wanted him to cry on his video, they first beat him. They said they wanted his tears to look 'believable'.

We pray for Jill Carroll's immediate release and for divine retribution to visit her captors. Hopefully in the form of the unpleasent end of an M16.

Al Jazeera:

Jill Carroll, the kidnapped US journalist, has appeared in a new video on Aljazeera, weeping and appealing for the release of women Iraqi prisoners.

The video, aired by Aljazeera on Monday, shows Carroll wearing a veil and weeping.

The video had no sound, but Aljazeera said she appealed for the release of women Iraqi prisoners. [Ed note: this is a deliberate falsehood on al Jazeera's part. Al Jazeera edited out most of Jill Carroll's pleas, but not a bit asking for the release of female prisoners]

Carroll is visibly crying in the video and wears a veil as she speaks to the camera. The footage has a time signature with the date 28 January.

Aljazeera's newscaster said in the video Carroll appeals to the US military and the Iraqi Interior Ministry to release all women in their prisons and that this "would help in winning her release".

More information and background about the Jill Carroll hostage situation can be found here.

UPDATE: Come to think of it, this is VERY good news. Jill Carroll's captors had given the U.S. a 72 hour deadline to release female prisoners in Iraq. That deadline expired 8 days before this film was time stamped. While it is still possible that her life is being threatened, the fact that they've let at least two deadlines pass without (apparently) harming her is a sign that perhaps their threats are idle.

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