January 27, 2006

Non-Scandal Scandal #3450834


Look, maybe it's the 14,084 Ann Rule type crime books I've read, or the 105,799,409,849 newspaper recorded accounts of criminal investigations I've seen, but detaining family members of suspects is unremarkably routine in our own country.

So the wives of terrorists are being taken in and held for questioning.

This is remarkable? This is a story? This is somehow different from Ted Bundy's girlfriend being subjected to hours upon hours of interrogation? No, a wife cannot be compelled to testify in court against her husband, but that doesn't mean they aren't held for questioning in the course of an investigation.

Yet, suddenly, in the middle of a war, the bar gets raised, when it should be lowered. These women talked about in the article hitched their wagons to terrorists. They aid, abet, and support the slaughter of innocent people.

The media expects us to weep for them?

But this is the money line. The part of the story that lit the match under my scrotum:

The documents are among hundreds the Pentagon has released periodically under U.S. court order to meet an American Civil Liberties Union request for information on detention practices.

What the f*** is a U.S. court doing ordering the f***ing Pentagon to release documents related to anything anywhere when we are in the middle of a war?

Since when is the AMERICAN Civil Liberties Union privy to what our military is doing with prisoners who are not American citizens and not residing in this country and who are our enemies doing everything they can to kill as many Americans as possible?

When one of our military members, or civilian hostages, or workers over there dies in an IED explosion, isn't that the ultimate violation of their American civil liberties?

I was born in 1967. Stories like this make me wish I had been born in 1907. If this were 1946, and I were the age I am now, I wouldn't have 30 yards of duct tape wrapped around my head to keep it from exploding when I read news of the war.

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