January 22, 2006

Carroll Kidnapping Delays Release of Iraqi Female Detainees

A Reuters story about conflicting messages from US and Iraqi officials implies that six female detainees were scheduled for release before the Jill Carroll kidnapping:

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq's Justice Ministry said on Sunday it still expects U.S. forces to release six Iraqi women prisoners this week, despite U.S. comments to the contrary.
The confusion seems to stem from plans made prior to the terrorists' demands to release the women:
"We talked to the Americans and they agreed to put them before the review board. On January 17 we reached an agreement that they will be released," the official said.
January 17 was also the day that terrorists released a video of Carroll, demanding the release of the Iraqi women in exchange for Carroll's life. The US does not negotiate with terrorists. Releasing the women now would be seen as caving in to the kidnappers' demands, and would encourage more such acts.

Thus, the kidnappers have effectively ensured that the women detainees will spend more time behind bars.

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