January 21, 2006

CAIR Calls for Hostage Release (Sort of)

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is making a big deal out of the fact that they have sent two representatives to Iraq to work for Jill Carroll's release. Instead of taking the opportunity to show Islam as a humane religion by forcefully rejecting all hostage taking as barbarism, they base their appeal on the fact that Jill Carroll was an antiwar journalist.

Perhaps American hostages Dean Sadek and Jeffrey Ake don't merit CAIR's attention since they were in Iraq working with the U.S. or Iraqi governments.

CAIR press release:

“We, the undersigned representatives of the American Muslim community, call for the immediate and unconditional release of Jill Carroll, a journalist with a well-documented record of objective reporting and respect for both the Iraqi people and Arab-Islamic culture.
By "objective" CAIR means that she emphasized the suffering of the Iraqi people under war time conditions--something that would be immediately recognized as an anti-American statement in the Muslim world.

One might say that the conditional attached by CAIR was simply a tactic aimed at winning over the hostage takers. It is possible that CAIR finds all hostage taking barbaric, but chooses only to emphasize Jill Carroll's reporting because that might help win her freedom. But if that is the case, why did CAIR not send any one to Iraq when Jeffrey Ake or Roy Hallums was taken hostage?

“We ask that her captors show mercy and compassion by releasing her so that she may return to her family. Certainly, no cause can be advanced by harming a person who only sought to let the world know about the human suffering caused by the conflict in Iraq.”
The Islamofascist front group CAIR again reveals the shallowness of their devotion to the basic premise that taking hostages is uncivilized. I wonder if CAIR believes that a cause might be advanced had the hostage been some one dedicated to revealing what slimy pieces of filth the Iraqi 'resistance' really is?

If CAIR is the best that American Muslims can do, they are truly hurting for leadership.

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