January 17, 2006

American Jill Carroll Hostage Video Emerges

UPDATE 2/09/06: Third Jill Carroll hostage video here.

UPDATE 1/30: Second Jill Carroll hostage video emerges.

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A new video has emerged of the American journalist Jill Carroll taken hostage by terrorists in Iraq. The fifteen second long video aired by al Jazeera television was broadcast with no audio. The terrorists claim they will murder Jill Carroll in 72 hours if their demand for the release of all female prisoners in Iraq is not met.

The Jawa Report is currently searching for a copy of the unedited, original hostage video and will post links to it and images from it as soon as they are available. If you have a copy of the video, please send via the e-mail listed at the contact page above.The YNC has some of the video as aired on Fox News, but not the original. Shawn has the BBC video of the same. Both are worth a look. Jill looks like she is in good shape on it. Pray for her release.

The Jawa Report was the first American media to reveal Carroll's name after she was taken hostage on January 7th. The Christian Science Monitor had asked news media to not report miss Carroll's name in those early hours, no doubt taking advice from the State Department which believes such information can be harmful. We disagree. Experience has shown that the more these hostages names are in the headlines, the greater the chance for their survival. Background on Jill Carroll can be found in The Jawa Report's Jill Carroll archive.

UPDATE: Jill Carroll's translator Allan Enwiya was murdered at the time she was captured. Iraqi in America is soliciting donations to help Allan Enwiya's family here.

Al Jazeera, never missing a beat, chooses to play up the angle that Carroll was against the war. Presumably the video mentions which group took Jill Carroll hostage, but al Jazeera does not give the public that information. UPDATE with hat tip to Jesusland Joe: While al Jazeera continues to say that no group has claimed the tape, this from the AP notes that the video played on al Jazeera was emblazed with a logo reading "The Revenge Brigade". Often when a group is named 'brigade' it is an indication that it is a smaller subunit within a larger organization. More on "The Revenge Brigade" below.

The fact that the terror organization is demanding the release of all women prisoners is not a good sign. This is a common demand from Salafist organizations such as Abu Musab al Zarqawi's al Qaeda and The Islamic Army in Iraq. Both groups routinely murder those they hold hostage. An earlier announcement said to be from al Qaeda in Iraq claimed they were holding Jill Carroll hostage. Al Jazeere:

The abductors of US journalist Jill Carroll have threatened to kill her if the United States does not free Iraqi women prisoners within 72 hours.

Aljazeera aired a brief video on Tuesday showing Carroll speaking to the camera, without broadcasting her voice.

Carroll had been on her way to a meeting with Adnan al-Dulaimi, a Sunni Arab leader whom she had intended to interview, the newspaper had said.

Carroll's former employers The Jordan Times published a Sunday editorial, stating: "The kidnappers who abducted her could not have chosen a more wrong target. True, Jill is a US citizen. But she is also more critical of US policies towards the Middle East than many Arabs… Jill has been from day one opposed to the war, to the invasion and occupation of Iraq. "

The abductors of U.S. journalist Jill Carrol have threatened to kill her if the United States does not free Iraqi women prisoners within 72 hours, Al Jazeera television said on Tuesday.

The station aired a brief video apparently showing Carroll speaking to the camera, without broadcasting her voice.

Hat tip George and others.

More on The Revenge Brigade: A group with the same name held an Iraqi born Christian named Minas Ibrahim al-Yusufi, who had Swedish citizenship, hostage for some months. The group initially threatened to behead him, released a hostage video, and then he was released unharmed. At the time, rumor was that a ransom had been paid.

More recently the group has kidnapped the sister of the Iraqi Interior Ministry and made the same demands that they are making for the release of Jill Carroll. Oddly enough, the group also demanded an apology for the raiding of a Shia mosque, yet Interior Minister Bayon Jabar is also Shia. UPDATE 1/18: Jabar's sister has been released. Did they pay the ransom demand?

Thanks to George for sending this BBC link:

The sister of Iraq's interior minister has been freed some two weeks after being kidnapped at gunpoint, an interior ministry official has said.

Ali al-Khaqani confirmed Bayan Jabr's sister had been released, but would not say whether a ransom had been paid.

Bacground. Reuters:
A previously unknown group says it has kidnapped the sister of Iraq's interior minister and set conditions for her release, including the freeing of some Iraqi women prisoners, Al Jazeera television said on Wednesday.

The group which called itself the Revenge Brigade said in a statement received by Al Jazeera that it wanted the release of women who were detained on charges of resisting the occupation.

Al Jazeera said the group also called for a halt "to the storming campaign launched by the security forces which are affiliated with the interior and defence ministries".

Jawa Cobloggers: Traderrob at OpiniPundit: Threatening a women who has a track record of caring and consideration for the Arab people certainly isn't going to help their image in the region

Others: Digger's Realm notes that Jill is the 31st journalist taken hostage in Iraq.
Chad at In the Bullpen believes this might be a ransom case.
Thirdee: Those with any type of understanding of the enemy we face know that these animals couldn't care less about Iraqi female prisoners.
Clarity and Resolve: Way to go, Team Jihad.
EuphoricReality has their usual great commentary. I would remind them, though, that the demand for the release of female prisoners is quite common. The same demand was used right before they murdered CAIR International worker Margaret Hassan.
All Searching Eye notices that the MSM doesn't want to use the 'T' word to describe Jill Carroll's captors.

Tin foil patrol:

DU reaction:

Bombing, raping & torturing civilans... Oh wait if its being done by the good old US of A its not the same.

Funny that those whom we dub "terrorists" in Iraq
would be viewed as "the resistance" if WE were
under occupation by a foreign power.

Funny that some people CANNOT see beyond their own noses.

First of all, exactly what in the hell is a moral war? I am not under the impression that a war can be moral.

Next, why do WE kidnap civilians in Iraq with regularity? Why do WE torture people to death in Iraq? Why do WE torture kids in the presence of their parents in Iraq? You're obviously not equipped to answer these questions, so take them as rhetorical and go do some reading.

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