January 16, 2006

The Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: The Blog Gods Smile Upon Me Edition

***Fatwas Issued***

Man, I should have bought a Powerball ticket this weekend. Pictures like this just don't come around every day. This one is so good, I'm sticking it to the top of the page for the day. Scroll down for newer content. If something big breaks, any of the co-bloggers can re-set the post time.

Caption this photo of Iranian lunatic psychotic nutcase president Amareadytomeetallah giving a speech to someone somewhere:


Fatwas will be issued Monday. I promise, because I have the next 3 days off.

Suckers. Heh.

Fatwas go out to:

Mr. Venom: "Seriously guys, do you really think I need some Just for Men? The beard's a little grey, sure, but what about these eyebrows? They're beautiful!"

Steve Sharon: "Lance Itoh collected clocks, I collect microphones. Allah has told me to do this."

Gordon: "So den I point I gun at the wabbit. Suddenwey, he jumps up and kisses me fuw on da wips! Scewey wabbit!"

Graeme: "I'm with stupid"

Stephen Macklin: "Say hello to my little friend."

Honorable mention:

Oyster: "The next person to call me Foulmood Almondjeans is gonna get it ... like this, see?"

Improbulus Maximus: "Nobody move or the towelhead gets it!"

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