January 11, 2006

Murdered American Hostage Ronald Schulz to be Memorialized

The family of an American hostage now believes that the video released by The Islamic Army in Iraq showing the murder of a hostage was Ronald Schulz. The family has scheduled a memorial service for Ronald Schulz. Mr. Schulz was in Iraq as a private civilian contractor helping rebuild the war torn country when he was abducted by the murderous al Qaeda linked terror organization. For more background, visit The Jawa Report's Ronald Schulz archive.

Norman Kember of England, American Thomas Fox, and Canadians James Loney and Harmeet Singh Sooden were taken hostage by an unknown group calling themselves 'The Swords of Righteousness Brigade'. As first revealed at The Jawa Report, 'The Swords of Righteousness Brigade' has been linked to the Islamic Army in Iraq. The Islamic Army in Iraq is an al Qaeda linked Salaafist jihadi group that has murdered foreign hostages in the past.

A French hostage, Bernard Planche, was released over the weekend, and we now know he was freed only after a joint U.S.-Iraqi security sweep caused his captors to flee. The best hope for the peace activists is that Coalition troops rescue them, despite the objections of the Christian Peacemakers Team's moral equivications.

We pray that the family of Ronald Schulz will find comfort and for the safe return of all hostages currently in Iraq.

Mercury News:

The sister of Ronald Schulz, a North Dakota native taken hostage in Iraq, says his family believes he is dead, and a memorial service is planned.

Schulz's sister, Julie, said Tuesday night that U.S. officials have not confirmed Schulz's death. But she said the family identified him from two videos released earlier.

The Islamic Army of Iraq claimed last month that it had killed Schulz, 40, who was working there as an electrical contractor.

"Although his face was not visible, there are enough consistencies between the two videos and enough evidence that my family, in our hearts, believe that Ron is dead," Julie Schulz said. "We had hoped his body would be found so that we could bring him home. But this has not happened."

The family set a memorial service at St. John's Lutheran Church on Saturday.

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