January 05, 2006


So a commenter sends this in from the trenches:

Pat Robertson thinks God struck Sharon for not keeping the territory intact.

Um...no. He thinks the Bible says that God will strike any Israeli PM that gives land for peace. A twisted interpretation to be sure, but not the same thing. Nice try at moral equivalence, though, given the post it was left on.

Palestinians are just as thankful about Sharon's condition as the Israelis were about Arafat's condition.

Once again, no. You see, the people who were thankful about Arafat's condition thought that maybe, just maybe, it might increase their chance of surviving a simple bus ride to the supermarket. The people thankful about Sharon's condition think that maybe, just maybe, it will increase a suicide bomber's chance at blowing up a bus on it's way to the supermarket.

Perhaps it's just human nature to hate your enemy so much that you rejoice when tragedy strikes.

Gee, thanks, now I have angst. I promise from now on to light a candle on the anniversary of their deaths in honor of the following:



Vlad Tepes

Edward the Longshanks

King George III

Vladimir Lenin

Josef Stalin

Adolf Hitler

Chairman Mao

Pol Pot

Ho Chi Minh

Kim Il Sung*

And I promise to wear a black armband in honor of my sorrow when Osama is found with a .50 cal round in the skull, Saddam is swinging from the gallows, and Kim Jong Il's shadow is found on the irradiated remains of his presidential palace.

Because I see the light now. All men are not created equal. All men are created evil.

Pat Robertson's goofy Bible interpretation, well, that's no different than that PFLP joker's exhortations. The fact that Pat Robertson's followers aren't detonating themselves in a crowd of civilians is irrelevant.

As for the Israelis, how dare they show their hate by allowing their enemies, Arab Muslims, full citizenship, including voting rights, and seats in the Knesset. They're no different than the Palestinians, who allow no Jew to hold office, and routinely kill the members of rival factions.

Thank you, Dale the commenter, for showing me the shining light of the gray areas.

* Yeah, I left centuries' worth of despots out, you want a 300 page post?

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