January 04, 2006

Taliban Beheads Teacher.

Why you ask? Because he educated girls of course.

Seattlepi : KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- Taliban militants beheaded a teacher in a central Afghan town while his wife and eight children watched, officials said Wednesday, describing the latest in a string of attacks targeting educators at schools where girls study. Four men stabbed Malim Abdul Habib eight times late Tuesday before decapitating him in the courtyard of his home in Qalat, said Ali Khail, a spokesman for the provincial government of Zabul, where the attack took place.

Oh in front of his children. What a pious considerate bunch these Taliban.

Zabul province's education director, Nabi Khushal, blamed Taliban rebels for the killing. "Only the Taliban are against girls being educated," he said. "The Taliban often attack our teachers and beat them. But this is the first time one has been killed in this province." Cleric Sayed Omer Munib, a member of the nation's top Islamic council, said there was no justification in Islam's holy book, the Quran, to prevent girls from studying. "Nowhere in the Quran does it say that girls do not have the right to education," he said. "It says that 'people should be educated.' This means girls, too."

How brave of the Taliban to murder a teacher of girls. Typical of men who cannot see the added value an educated woman brings. Probably illiterate themselves and that’s why they follow a one-eyed idiot.

Updated: Dave Schuler over at The Glittering Eye and Dean’s World notes Afghan Warrior was listed on the Carnival of the Liberated.

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