January 03, 2006

British Sex-For-Visas Scandal

(London) Authorities have initiated an investigation into an alleged sex-for-visas scam by British immigration officials.

From Sky.com:

A former worker at an immigration centre in Croydon told The Sun that women were allowed to stay in the UK in return for sex.

Anthony Pamnani, 23, said he quit after four years in disgust at the goings-on.

He said "ugly" applicants were often made to queue for hours while those considered good-looking would be seen straight away.

The whistleblower also told the paper that vital security checks on immigrants were not carried out.

Since this story has hit the newspapers and involves alleged inadequate security screening, the public will likely demand a comprehensive review of the entire immigration department. I believe it should be simple to verify the accuracy of specific claims. However, if true, it may be more difficult to determine how widespread the corruption is and how long it's been occurring.

It will be interesting to see how the British public reacts if it's found that people are discriminated against because they're ugly.

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